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Thank you for checking out this website, I hope you find something that will stimulate your adventuring spirit. Whitewater Edge will be a site that draws many of us to the water that seems to be a part of our lives and mine. We all want to be a part of it. I know that is the way with me.

Kayak Roosevelt Lake

Lake Huron

Last summer my wife and I took our yearly trip to a cottage on Lake Huron. We would adventure out on the lake when the weather was nice. It was so peaceful to just paddle around and feel the movement of water under the boat.

We enjoyed the exercise and being outside so much that when we returned to Wyoming we went and bought our first kayaks. We look forward now to kayaking on the different natural lakes along the Wind Rivers and a few of the easier streams.

My daughter, Katie, rafts and kayaks to the extreme, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River a couple times and also the Upper end of the Amazon River called the Rio Maranon River. She has been a rafting guide in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Katie will be working with me on this site as well as other rafters and kayakers.


WHY Whitewater

My hope for this site is that we can be open to adventures from different groups and individuals that would like to share experiences and pictures, about stretches of white water that are unique to them and by sharing the kinds of kayaks, rafts and equipment they whitewater kayakinguse and what they would recommend someone to bring on a white water trip and make their outings safer and enjoyable.

Why The Interest

My interest in this site, is to help others find their adventure and fresh ideas on equipment, from the people that really enjoy this sport, nature and just to feel the movement of the water under them. Plus, get ideas that would make their trips an enjoyable adventure, by learning from others.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave comment below.

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